Аналитический отчет «Изучение причин, влияющих на проявление насилия по отношению к ЖСБ как фактора повышенного риска инфицирования ВИЧ»

The purpose of this operational research is the study of different types and sources of violence regarding the FSW and the factors that increase the risk of HIV infection in situations of violence.
To achieve this goal, researchers had the following objectives:
1. Create the social and psychological portrait of FSW as an object of violence.
2. Analyze the violence as one of the risk factors of women working in the sex industry.
3. Select the main types of violence against female sex workers and establish their relationship with the main sources of violence.
4. Identify the factors that increase the risk of becoming a victim of violence FSW.
5. Study the behavior of FSW strategies in situations of violence.
6. Consider behavioral risks FSW and their prevention model in the context of HIV / STIs.
7. Assess the readiness of FSW to participate in the activities of NGOs aimed at preventing violence against female sex workers and mitigate the effects of violence among its victims, as well as to examine the conditions of participation in these events.
8. Develop recommendations on strategies to prevent violence against female sex workers in the context of HIV / STI prevention and formation of self-protective behavior among female sex workers.
Автор: АРТЮХ О., ДЕМЧЕНКО И., КОСТЮЧОК М., МАТИЯШ О., ВАРБАН М., ПИВОВАРОВА Н., ПЛЮЩ А., БЕЛОНОСОВА Н.: Тип видання: Звіт Рубрика: Профілактика ВІЛ, Насильство, Ризикована поведінка, Догляд та підтримка для ЛЖВС