Ethnographic Survey of the Sex Business in Specific Regions of Ukraine. Operational research findings brief summary

The objectives of the survey are as follows:
1. Collection of data from FSWs and their closest environment concerning:
• a daily life style of the FSWs (their physical, emotional, psychological and other components);
• a family status and peculiarities of the family life (relations between the FSWs and their parents, children, a husband, close relatives, etc.);
• relationships between the FSWs and their social environment (pimps, other FSWs, clients, law enforces, social workers of the NGOs and so on);
• means of subsistence (employment, particularities of earnings, social benefits and so on);
• practices of use of alcohol and narcotic substances;
• an attitude to one’s health, particularities of resolution of health problems, including visits to healthcare settings and reasons impeding them; 
• a role of the HIV-service NGOs in FSWs’ life activities (including the quality of services, attitude of NGO staff members through the eyes of the FSWs, FSWs’ needs and expectations from the NGOs and their staff members, etc.).
2. Development of recommendations on key ways to improved prevention activities with the FSWs.
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