The summary findings of operational research «Focusing on bisexual men and their female partners in Ukraine»

Based on the data presented, the following conclusions can be drawn: 
1) The female partners of bisexual men [MSM] are a group at risk;
2) Bisexual men act as a bridge for transmission of HIV and STI from homosexual males to heterosexual females and vice versa;
3) The first study done in the former USSR territory with the focus on bisexual men and their female partners reveals highly complex linkages between behavioral (in terms of HIV risks), social, and psychological factors;
4) In terms of HIV prevention efforts, service coverage reaches relevant female partners who are aware of their men’s sexual orientations and (homo)sexual behaviors even when there is no program in place to address their specific needs. However, which is most likely, this conclusion does not apply to the female partners of bisexual men [MSM], who are completely unaware of their men’s homosexual behaviors.
Автор: M. VARBAN, G. KORZHOV, M. KASYANCHUK: Тип видання: Звіт Рубрика: Профілактика ВІЛ, Ризикована поведінка, Консультування та тестування