Summary of Operational Research Findings Ethnographic Study of the Lifestyle and Key Behavior Models of MSM in Three Cities of Ukraine: Kiev, Donetsk, and Chernovtsy

This ethnographic study is aimed at determining the links among the negative influence of the family, individual experiences of MSM (relations with other MSM, violence, unsettled life, etc.), representation of a certain style of behavior and risky behavior (unprotected sex, alcohol and drug abuse). Sex, alcohol and drugs may act as markers of potential addictive behavior (addictions), which is characteristic for various negative emotional states. 
Research objectives:
1. Study and describe the lifestyle of MSM.
2. Study and describe the nature of relations between MSM and their social environment (relatives, friends, acquaintances, partners, and other MSM).
3. Study and describe the process of initiation of homosexual relations.
4. Define the factors which determine vulnerability of MSM.
5. Study and describe alcohol and drug-using practices of MSM.
6. Study and describe the nature of relations of MSM with healthcare institutions, clinics, counseling facilities, and NGOs.
Автор: M. VARBAN, M. DEBELIUK, A. TROFIMENKO: Тип видання: Звіт Рубрика: Зменшення стигми і дискримінації, Ризикована поведінка, Фінанси та планування